Mr. Deep Bhong

Founder and Managing Director

Deep aspire as true leader and not only as founder, encouraging employees to come up with innovative ideas. His Vision is to grow with everyone and not individually. Deep's urge for work methods and perfection never let him stop at a mile stone. Deep's Straight forward, rather blunt than fake attitude and direct contact with each and every one whom he comes across makes me stand on own socially.

Mr. Vishal Terkar

Finance Director

Vishal was born and raised in Latur dist ,currently residing in Pune. Vishal is passionate about his business and clients. With over ten years of experience in the field of finance, he strives to build long term relationships with his clients, by providing professional services, pro-active financial solutions and a straightforward advice. Vishal’s focus is to set and guide every aspect of the financial timelines of all the ventures and BTW group, by working upon sustainable comprehensive financial plan unique to every companies unique objectives, along with monitoring every companies financial success with a discerning eye.

Mr. Pramod Dongare

Operations Director

Pramod focuses on successful implementation of an integrated business execution system. Product leadership, customer service and operational excellence are the values and disciplines followed by Pramod. He continually focus on organizational design, processes combining with technology and competencies to improve the smooth operation. He strives to deliver a combination of quality, price, and ease of purchase and service unparalled to competitive market.